Full Gym, Group Classes, Personal Training + Massage & Rehabilitation Therapy

Our Kinesiologists and Registered Massage Therapists will help you to 1) Learn How Your Body Should Move. 2) Get Your Body Moving The Way It Should. And 3) Keep It Moving That Way – The Body Smart Way.

Affordable Gym Memberships + Awesome Classes + Tailored Training Packages For Every Budget.

Located at the gym formerly called Fitness Challenge.  Fantastic Environment, Great Community and Team. We offer a great selection of equipment.  The gym is always clean, friendly and has an awesome smoothie bar too.

Our Registered Massage Therapists are highly trained in Corrective Massage Therapy techniques.

The goal – to relieve pain, promote health, and enhance your quality of work and play.

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What is the best workout for seniors?

As our bodies change, we need to be aware of changes to our joints, bone density, and flexibility. Programs designed by experts in care for seniors are the best fitness programs for people over 50. Body Smart Health has workout programs for seniors. Group Fitness for Seniors and 50+ in Langley

What is a good injury prevention fitness class?

Injury prevention starts with making sure your body has adequate usable ranges of motion for the activity you are doing. Kinstretch group fitness class is targeted at stretching and mobilizing your joints. It is great for increasing your flexibility and making sure your body can respond to the demands of your sports or activities.KinStretch Group Fitness