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Toning, flexibility, balance, exercise, mental clarity, independence

What do you want your next 5, 10, 15, 30 years to look like?

Classes are led by Registered Kinesiologists – Movement Experts

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Each class is designed specifically with you in mind!

Class Format: Warm-up (includes dynamic stretching, joint mobilization, & balance), circuit (bodyweight, light dumbbells, or banded exercises), cool-down (includes static stretching and core exercises). There is a progression or regression for every single exercise to ensure that you are getting an individualized exercise program in a class environment. We believe there is more to exercise than just lifting weights and putting them back down. This is why we incorporate the use of games and laughter into our programming.
Class Goals: Provide you with the functional flexibility and strength needed to make going about your daily tasks, hobbies and activities easier. Education so that you know more about your body, and why we are doing certain exercises. Skills & knowledge so that you feel empowered to help yourself if a new injury/illness arises. A safe & fun environment so that you can learn about your body judgement free while getting your heart pumping.
Benefits of exercise: Increase confidence, improve mood, increase energy levels, increase independence, decrease risk of falls/fractures, increase quality of life, decrease risk of dementia, decrease risk of disease, manage disease symptoms, decrease effects of diabetes, decrease risk of osteoporosis, increase longevity of life.
Is this class joint friendly? All of our Finish Strong classes are joint friendly. In fact, in our warm-up we perform a joint specific mobility routine that can help alleviate discomfort. Furthermore, throughout the entire class you have the option to choose low-medium impact options – your Kinesiologist and Doctor can help you make this decision.
Do you remember… when you could golf without worrying about throwing out your back, being able to garden without pain, picking up your grandkids with ease, climb up the stairs with confidence, or keep up with your dog on a walk? Well there’s good news. We want to help you get back there.

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Description: This class is perfect for individuals who haven’t been able to be active for some time (or not as active as before) due to injury, disease or just life and will be 30 mins in length. This class will be chair based (so bring your own walker or scooter if needed) with the option to stand and get moving around as you become stronger, more mobile and more confident in your ability to move safely. This class will focus on a joint mobility routine to not only assess your body as is, but to lubricate your joints to get them moving smoother and even better than before. This joint routine will be taught every class so that individuals can practice at home to reap further benefits. The second portion of this class will focus on targeted strength training to increase your independence, decrease levels of discomfort and pain and to get you stronger than before. The last portion of this class will focus on learning proper core function to alleviate back pain, increase strength and increase stability.

Description: This class is perfect for individuals who would not consider themselves sedentary, and are not bound to a wheelchair or walker and will be 45 mins in length. This class is designed for individuals who have completed Level 1 Finish Strong, and/or participate in some physical activity weekly. This class will be a progression of Level 1 Finish Strong. A joint mobility warm-up, in addition to some cardio will get us started each day. The next part of the class will be approximately 5-10 minutes of learning how to move our bodies properly (I.e. how to squat, how to bend over, how to garden, how to improve posture, etc). The middle portion of the class will be spent completing various strength training exercises – this may be done via a group circuit or together as a group. But don’t worry – there are progressions and regressions for each exercise so that the workout is tailored specifically for you. The last portion of the class will be spent on improving core function, and depending on those attending the class –  we may participate in some ground/mat work.

Description: This class is perfect for individuals who are moderately active, and are looking for more of a challenge. A pre-requisite to this class is Level 2 Finish Strong unless otherwise approved by our Head Kinesiologist and Program Director – Alysha Harper. Finish Strong Level 3 is a 1 hour class. This class will be a continuation of Finish Strong Level 2 (see above) and will thus increase in terms of complexity, and difficulty. However, keep in mind that again, every exercise has a progression/regression that will be explained so that everyone can participate to the best of their unique abilities.


“At first I was resistant to joining this class because I thought with all my walking and jumping my lower body was strong enough. After Alysha convinced me to try out the class, I was hooked. I am now able to squat ALL the way down. Working is easier than I ever thought possible. I am so much stronger – my legs weren’t as strong or mobile as I thought. So my advice to you: Don’t limit yourself by thinking you can’t improve anymore.” – 55yr young participant
“I have been keeping active all my life with aquafit, swimming, walking and more recently with an aerobic program called Fit for Life. Alysha has us doing strength training unlike what I do in any other class lubricating my joints and stretching different muscles. She has us doing simple exercises to help improve balance. So important for everyone!” – Margaret
“After attending Alysha’s classes (12 to be exact) I can now walk up the stairs with confidence AND without using the railing.  I can also sit down in a chair without using the armrests.  Additionally, I now have the tools available to alleviate my own low back pain, and knee pain as needed.” – 80 year young participant
“I feel that your strength & balance program is essential for maintaining the mobility & agility that older individuals require to maintain an active quality of life & enabling seniors to remain in their homes enjoying a social interaction for a longer period of time.  Studies have shown that physical exercise adds longevity & helps maintain mental fitness.  I thoroughly enjoy your exercise program.” – Carol
“I have participated in organized exercise classes all my aldult life because I had a sit down office job – and also because I was an avid hiker; going up to the mountains and loving the BC outdoors! Now, as I am aging, Alysha’s class is keeping me mobile and active – so that I can still enjoy the outdoors, by walking, birding as much as possible. I have a pelvic conditions that Alysha helps me strengthen. Thanks for keeping me going, Alysha!” – Anne
“Alysha provides us with an environment where we can learn about our bodies, and do what’s best in terms of exercise for us without worry about being judged.”
“When I first started with Alysha I had been in a bad car accident about a year ago where I had broken my pelvis. When I first started my classes with her, I couldn’t skip or gallop sideways. Now I can do both! Obviously I am not perfect at it, but being able to skip or do mini-jumps was not something I would be able to do again.”
Join Finish Strong classes and get started on the journey to moving well again.