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A movement enhancement system creating usable ranges of motion
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If you want to get better at crossfit, yoga, hockey, golf, equestrian, & so much more you need Kinstretch in your life.

Most injuries happen because our bodies aren’t ready for the movements required, meaning many injuries are preventable or can be mitigated.

What is Kinstretch? A mobility based strength system developed through scientific research – it’s kind of like an advanced yoga class that everyone can come to! During your class you will use limited equipment (I.e. mats, blocks, balls) and the focus will be on utilizing bodyweight with irradiation (whole body tension) to induce loading on body tissues.
What are the benefits? Improved physical performance, improved strength, injury prevention/mitigation, improved agility/flexibility/mobility, weight loss, improved range of motion, improved body awareness and control, and increased neurological function.
Class Goals: Increase your functional strength and mobility so that you can perform better, live your life more comfortably, and mitigate injuries. In essence, the ultimate goal of Kinstretch is to keep you on the course, the mat, or in the game doing the things you love. We do this by providing you with education about your body so that you can monitor your own body for dysfunction, as well as provide you with the tools to take your training into your own hands.
How often do I need to attend class? We know that to progress efficiently you often need to be doing more than one class a week. However we understand this isn’t always possible. As such, part of the Kinstretch & BodySmart methodology is dedicated to home based exercise work to promote lasting effects so you can achieve your goals.
Who is Kinstretch for? Although Kinstretch can be catered to specific groups (I.e. crossfit athletes, yogis, dancers, NFL/NHL players, desk jockeys) the system was ultimately designed to help humans to ensure our strength/flexibility/mobility/joint needs are being met. Each class at BodySmart will be geared towards those in attendance.

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Group Fitness KinStretch Langley Classes

New York Mets Pitcher Noah Snydergaard discovers Kinstretch.

“Nobody really wants to stretch now,” he added, “but I’ve had this desire to become a more well-rounded athlete, as opposed to just someone who lifts and is strong. I want to be strong, and be mobile, hostile and agile.”

Syndergaard has also been doing a program called Kinstretch at the Soho Strength Lab in New York. He said Kinstretch was a more athletic advanced yoga, helping him work on the strength and flexibility of weaker joints and areas, such as his hips, back or gluteus. He said he had already noticed a difference.

“I feel like I’m able to control my body a lot better now, or just be more athletic,” he said. “Right now, I’m trying to build a better base.”

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“When I first started training my goal was to get back into a catcher’s position (I play Softball). I haven’t been able to sit in this position comfortably for a good couple years and with injuries accumulating without proper rehab I couldn’t even squat properly anymore. Within a very short period of time, Alysha and Kinstretch classes have gotten me back into a nice deep squat and I am beyond happy. I feel like my body is so much better off now that we’ve cleared up alot of dysfunction. And I can’t tell you how amazing it feels to be able to squat again.” – Haley
“By participating in some form of Kinstretch practice 3-6x/week I am now able to sit cross-legged at the temple for family events such as weddings. When I first started with Alysha there was no way I could get into this position. This is some of the mobility I simply could not regain following my stroke.” – Annonymous 27yr old participant
“When I first started Kinstretch practice, I knew it felt good but I had no idea where it was going to take me. By being relatively consistent and continuously challenging myself I have obtained a deeper and more comfortable squat than I ever thought possible (ass to grass). I was so blown away because I had convinced myself I didn’t have the anatomy to be flexible. After a lifetime of dance and always stretching I thought I was stuck with what I had. Kinstretch continued to deliver though. I am now able to complete a pistol (single leg) squat on both legs AND am MORE flexible than when I used to dance! It’s crazy how effective this system is – I literally see results after every single session.” – Alysha Harper
Group Fitness KinStretch Langley Classes