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Group Fitness KinStretch Langley Classes

New York Mets Pitcher Noah Snydergaard discovers Kinstretch.

KinStretch Works

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Noah Syndergaard is devising a new training strategy. The previous one emphasized packing more muscle onto the solid 6-foot-6 frame that had helped him earn the nickname Thor, and throttling up pitches that had already made him the hardest-throwing starter in the major leagues.

“I’m always going to try to raise that kind of bar,” he said when he showed up at spring training this year looking stronger than ever.  But Syndergaard, 24, has not appeared in a game since April 30. Instead, he has spent almost three months on the Mets’ disabled list, tending to a partly torn latissimus muscle on his right side and trying to figure out what went wrong. He initially rejected suggestions that his ambitious off-season weight training might have been counterproductive for a pitcher, that a better regimen would have focused on improving his fluidity of motion rather than building brute force. ..“After this off-season and after this rehab program, I don’t see myself having another injury like that,” Syndergaard said. “I know what my weaknesses are. I know how to address them.”

Early Adopters of KinStretch Methods.

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Group Fitness KinStretch Langley Classes