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Experience Dynamic, Corrective Massage Therapy with Registered Massage Therapists from Body Smart.

Massage Therapy

Body Smart Health has been offering services of Registered Massage Therapists to patients in Surrey, Maple Ridge and Langley for over 20 years. We provide safe, relaxing, and drug-free manual techniques for treating a variety of everyday conditions such as headaches, sport and fitness injuries, low back pain, stress release, discomfort due to pregnancy, osteoarthritis, and whiplash through the use of the following Massage Tharapies:

  • Corrective
  • Neuromuscular
  • Mysofascial
  • Sport
  • Pregnancy

At Body Smart Health, our registered massage therapists (RMT) utilize cutting edge advances in evidence-based research such as Functional Movement Screen and NeuroKinetic Therapy™ in your body assessment.

For a successful treatment that restores sound movement patterns, both body functional limitations and asymmetries need to be identified and monitored over the course of treatment. Many sport injuries can benefit from the use of kinesiology tape to attenuate muscle fatigue. During rehabilitation, anything you can do to help the surrounding areas of your injury, and stimulate the muscles that are not working well, you will be helping to normalize muscle tone. Rest assured, we are RockTape certified at Body Smart Health.

Pre-Participation Functional Movement Screen (FMS)
Before you start training for your next triathlon, bootcamp, hockey, or soccer season, use an FMS to establish a baseline of function/mobility and potentially catch an injury before it happens. The FMS was designed for athletes to assess susceptibility to injury as well as measure progress. Mobility, stability, and strength are part of the assessment screening as is documenting an individual’s movement patterns. The score you receive is considered a benchmark enabling your therapist to monitor your progress over time.

NeuroKinetic Therapy™ (NKT)
Manual muscle testing is a corrective movement system that has the capability of altering the body’s programming of the motor control centre (MCC) to undo dysfunctional patterns. For example, a whiplash accident. The muscles at the back of the neck are bracing and “overworking” for the muscles at the front of the neck which are inhibited and “unavailable”. This pattern can endure forever unless there is some intervention.

When an injury or accident inhibits a muscle, the motor control center will find a substitute muscle to perform the same function. Unless the motor control centre is instructed to return the function to the original muscle, the pattern will remain in the motor control center and continue to be painful.

In rehabilitation and manual therapy, NeuroKinetic Therapy™ first identifies the cause of pain and dysfunction. Through the proper instruction to undo this dysfunctional pattern, the pattern can be corrected.

Neurokinetic therapy is included in Massage Therapy treatments.

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