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Massage Therapy and Personal Training in Langley

Smart Launch Packages

Are you ready for your whole body transformation?

We have 2 amazingly priced bundle deals (1 time purchase) which allows you to sample a variety of the gym based services we offer. We believe this is where everyone should start so that you can get set up with a program best suited for helping you achieve your goals.

Gold Launch

  • Valued at $165.00

Platinum Launch

  • Valued at $230

Gym Memberships

All of our gym membership prices are before tax and include SmartFIT classes

12-Month Membership


1-Month Membership


These are our two most chosen gym membership packages. Additional options available on location for students/seniors/emergency responders/military/veterans/teachers/clergy. Additional options also include 3, 6 month contract length as well as paid in full memberships for 3, 6, & 12 months terms.

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Personal Training

All of our personal training sessions begin with a fully comprehensive assessment to ensure that we can develop the appropriate exercise program for you.

Gold Assessment

The 90 minute assessment includes the following: joint mobility, functional movement integration, balance, strength, core integration, and injury risk. This assessment is perfect for both younger and older participants, individuals with past injuries, ICBC clients, athletes, and those looking for a full body transformation.
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Group Fitness

At BodySmart Health & Fitness we offer two types of classes: Premium and Basic SmartFIT classes. Our basic SmartFIT classes are included in all of our gym memberships and are designed to help keep you moving, provide you with access to our Junior Trainers, while having fun with other like-minded individuals. These classes are also typically shorter in length, and are programmed in advance. The premium SmartFIT classes currently include Kinstretch and our Finish Strong program – both of which are not included in your gym membership. These classes are more similar to personal training as each premium SmartFIT class is designed and adjusted based on the goals of the individuals attending. These results are targeted joint mobilizing to decrease specific aches and pains, functional improvements in strength and mobility as well as individualized care and impromptu seminars based on important questions that arise in the session.
Kinstretch membership options
Finish Strong Membership Options