Personal Training with a Kinesiologist

Group Fitness KinStretch Langley Classes

Starting with a Movement (and/or injury) Assessment*, our Kinesiologist** Personal Trainers will conduct a thorough assessment of how your body moves and a health interview.  Equipped with this understanding, they will set you on a path toward lifelong functional movement – so you can play your favorite sport, or pick up grandkids, or keep up with your dog on a walk.  Injury recovery and prevention is top of mind.  A Kinesiologist’s understanding of how the body moves will facilitate a solid plan that gets you moving, lifelong.

Kinesiologists* have 4-year University Degrees. (Compared to many Personal Trainers who have programs less than 6 months) They are experts in human movement, including active rehabilitation therapy, strength training, cardio, joint health, nutrition and performance.

Conducted by a Level 3 Kinesiologist**, an assessment will get you to understand how your body is and should be able to move.  Look at limitations and opportunities.  Set goals and start on the process for actionable and effective steps to improve your performance and recovery.

Maximize Goals With Personal Training
  • Functional Fitness

  • Strength & Conditioning

  • Improving overall fitness levels

  • Nutrition coaching

  • Accountability

  • Event specific training

  • Sport Performance

  • ICBC treatment

  • Active rehabilitation

Some of our trainers also have certification on:
  • FMS Level 1 (Functional Movement Screening)
  • Precision nutrition Level 1
  • Neurokinetic Therapy

  • Functional Range Conditioning Mobility Specialist

  • Pre and Post Natal Fitness Specialist

  • Kinstretch Instructor

For more information on these services please contact us directly.

Before and After KinStretch System Personal Training

Smart Launch – Personal Training Offer

Best Value.  The Goal – Learn how your body should move, and get you on the path to moving well, with focused strategies tailored by our Kinesiologist Personal Trainers. Based on your unique needs and goals, will include an assessment, manual treatment, + training time, exercise program design & more.

Platinum Launch: $165 for 120 Minutes with a Kinesiologist.  Gold Launch $125 for 90 Minutes

  • Choose 120 or 90 Minutes with a Kinesiologist.
  • Free Drop In to Any Class (KinStretch, Finish Strong, SmartCore, etc).  Learn about our classes.
  • Initiation Fee (would apply to new members only) Or equivalent value for current members

Meet with a Kinesiologist Personal Trainer

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