• “Learn how your body should move.” We emphasize starting with assessement session with a skilled Kinesiologist – for most people it is absolutely eye-opening, and a critical step toward success.

  • “Get your body moving that way.”  Work with our trainers, on your own or in a Group Fitness Class like KinStretch and get moving with a full range of motion.

  • “Keep moving that way, lifelong.”  With a Nutrition program, cardio, joint care and strength building processes, we’re here to help you have lifelong health that minimizes pain and the impact of injury.  Learn about our classes here. 

Exceptional Value. SMART LAUNCH at Body Smart Includes:

Mobility/Injury Assessment

Learn How Your Body Should Move

$85-$125 Value

With a Kinesiologist or Registered Massage Therapist

Manual Therapy

As needed

Guided by knowledge

Get manual treatment (similar to working with an RMT) as needed and as time allows.

Personal Training

Training Program Starting Point

Get your body moving how it should

Our highly qualified trainers have 4-year University Degrees and additional certifications to better help you.

Premium Class Drop In

Fantastic Fitness Classes!

$20 Value - Keep Moving!

Keep you moving well for life with guidance from our training team.

KinStretch | Finish Strong

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Our trainers start with understanding how your body moves.

Starting with a In Depth Mobility Assessment, our Kinesiologist** Personal Trainers will conduct a thorough assessment of how your body moves and a health interview.  Equipped with this understanding, they will set you on a path toward lifelong functional movement – so you can play your favorite sport, or pick up grandkids, or keep up with your dog on a walk.  Injury recovery and prevention is top of mind.  A Kinesiologist’s understanding of how the body moves will facilitate a solid plan that gets you moving, lifelong.
Kinesiologists* have 4-year University Degrees. (Compared to many Personal Trainers who have programs less than 6 months) They are experts in human movement, including active rehabilitation therapy, strength training, cardio, joint health, nutrition and performance.
Conducted by a Kinesiologist** the Mobility assessment is a detailed review of how your body functions – how are your joints working, how is your nervous system working with your muscles?  This will guide steps to improve your performance and recovery.

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Group Fitness KinStretch Langley Classes

KinStretch is a life-changing program scientifically designed to maximize your functional range of motion, increase your performance and help reduce injury and pain. Learn more about this brilliant group fitness class.

Before and After KinStretch Training