We offer a good selection of classes that will challenge and motivate you.

Our Classes are made to produce excellent results in several categories of fitness such as: cardio, strength and flexibility

Some even teach you how to safely use our most daunting accessories for resistance training.

All of these classes are included in all our memberships, accept all levels of fitness and are taught by certified instructors.

Full body workout, this class includes a combination of weights, body weight and cardio exercises to work out your entire body, boost your metabolism and burn tons of calories not only during the class but even after!

This is a 30 min workout, focusing on your Abs, Butt and Thighs.

This class consists of exercises using our Pilates Reformer machines. These workouts have controlled, flowing movements that work your muscles through a full range of motion.

This class is a perfect way to strengthen and tone your entire body while boosting your metabolism. Be prepared to sweat in this fun and challenging class.

This is a high energy, high impact class to workout your entire body! It incorporates body weight resistance training, low weight resistant training and cardio to target all our muscle groups.

30 min of power packed abdominal conditioning.

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